Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is for when there is a needed investigation to be done to locate where a particular person is because they have “skipped town.” Such an investigation is conducted for various reasons such as an evasive defendant, missing persons, to locate a witness for a court case, or private personal reasons.

Our team at Roland Investigations commences an investigation into the missing persons with relatively little information such as their name, address, and if available a partial social security number. With a few breadcrumbs, we then start to pursue more weighty information about the person. We do this through our large system of connections that allows us to do property searches, motor vehicles searches, criminal records, conversations with relatives, friends, and law enforcement agents. This allows our team to accumulate needed knowledge to formulate the correct conclusion on their whereabouts.

With our advanced network and knowledge of the state of Colorado our team ensures effective and efficient skip tracing for those in the state of Colorado and those who have fled out of state.


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