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Thank you for showing interest in becoming a Professional Process Server with one of the best service of process firms in the nation, Roland Process Service & Investigations serves all types of documents from child support documents to criminal subpoena's. We only hire the best in the industry, read below to see if you got what it takes to be part of our team than complete the contact form at the end.

Quick Facts About Process Server Work

Job Title: Process Server
Office: Wherever legal papers need to be delivered
Description: Serve legal papers like summons, subpoenas and garnishments
Certifications/Education: State License, Bonded, depending on state
Necessary Skills: Investigative skills / instincts, People skills, Ready for Anything
Potential Clients: Courts, Attorneys, Private Investigators, Process Server Companies
Pay: $25,000 to $70,000 per year

Is Process Serving a Good Career for You

If you are in the market for a career change, process serving may not immediately come to mind. The job is rarely discussed outside of legal circles, and many Americans will go their entire lives without ever dealing with a process server in action. Yet the job is much more complex and at times more exciting than it may appear on the surface. Couple this with the relative ease of joining the field, and process server becomes an excellent job opportunity for many people. However, the job is not for everyone. A certain personality and set of skills are required. Here is what you should know to help decide whether becoming a process server is right for you.

Are You a 9 to 5 Type?
Process servers rarely work typical office hours. The nature of the work requires the process server to be available during times that the recipient is easy to find. Even a straightforward process service may occur at night or over the weekend. If the person you are trying to serve is evasive, you may find yourself staking out his home or other locations for hours at a time. In order to be a successful process server, you should thrive on working odd hours in various locations.

Are You Self Motivated?
As a process server, you will spend most of your time either in the field, trying to serve papers, or performing research to find the designated recipient. You must be a self-starter, able to take on projects and handle multiple dimensions on your own.

Are You in Good Shape?
Although process servers generally do not get into physically challenging predicaments, a great deal of energy and stamina are often required. There is also the possibility of being physically threatened by an intended recipient, chased by a protective dog, or otherwise ending up in odd situations. Therefore, being in reasonably good condition is recommended.

Are You a People Person?
Being a process server means dealing with people at a unique point in their lives. You must be able to read people well, gauge their reactions, and diffuse emotional situations. Your approach and handling of an intended recipient may mean the difference between a successful and a botched serve. You must also be able to remain calm and professional even if the recipient becomes hostile.

Are You Patient?
The life of a process server can be described as "hurry up and wait." You may find yourself rushing to a location, only to wait for hours until the recipient appears. Once you spot the recipient, you will then spring into action. Depending on your personality, you may welcome the waiting period or it may drive you crazy.

Are You Willing to Put Up Money?
In order to become a process server, you may have to pay an assortment of fees. Depending on jurisdictional requirements, you may need to pay for a background check, a surety bond, insurance, a written test, a license or other costs. Although these costs are generally reasonable, you may be hesitant to invest the money into a possible new career.

Ultimately, whether to become a process server is a personal decision. If you are considering a career change, it is recommended that you gather as much information as possible. Talk to your local process server organization, investigate your location's requirements and read as much as possible about the job. You may just find that process server is the right career for you.

With all the above said if you are ready to become an essential part of the Judicial System please complete the information below and our Process Server Manager will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours after submission.

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